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PostSubject: STRONG VINCENT JV'S   Sat Nov 15, 2008 1:21 pm

I'm looking for qualified JV coaches who want to get involved with rebuilding a program and being up to that challenge. You can send me a PM. I'm expecting again in the neighborhood of 35 kids in the program, maybe more. We started weightlifting this week with plenty of new faces. Its a volunteer job thru the district but I plan on a clinic to help with some pay for NON Payed coaches.

We weightlift, do plyos/agility thru mid Jan., we'll start indoor workouts related to baseball then. I'll still over see the program and you will learn and work with me and my guys on my teaching methods. Dicipline is key in my system and you must have the proper Police forms required by the school district. Great opportunity for a young coach to learn, and who may want to run his own program someday.
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